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$6.25 p/p*

80+ people $5.95 p/p*


Feed your hungry guests for just $6.25 per person with no minimum # guests*. Delicious fresh baked pizza on Italian style crust with ten Pizzarageous toppings. For groups of 80 or more price drops down to $5.95 per person.




Pepperoni  |  Black Olives  |  Sausage  |  Mushrooms  |  Ham

Green Peppers  |  Onion  |  Pineapple  |  Cheese  |  Jalapenos


Also includes parmesan cheese, crushed red peppers, paper plates and napkins.

*Just spend a minimum of $250 on food and drinks!




Fresh Cut Vegetables with dips $2.00 per person

Hot Wings with ranch $16 per dozen

Ask about our appetizer options



Mixed Greens $1.59 per person

Classic Caesar $1.99 per person

Anti-Pasta $3.00 per person

Cran-rageous with walnuts salad $2.20 per person

Arugula/Watermelon Salad $3.00 per person

Ask about other salad options



Assorted Ice cold sodas $15 dozen

Ice cold bottled water $15 dozen

Sparkling Mineral water $22 dozen

Ask about other beverage options



Sherbert $1.45 per person

Brownies $24.00 dozen

Tiramisu $2.75 per person

Jumbo Cookies $22.00 dozen


All pricing valid as of January 1, 2018 and subject to change

*all you can eat plus add 15% gratuity & applicable sales taxes




Upper Crust

$7.50 p/p*

80+ people $7.25 p/p*


Step up to gourmet pizza on crust that is hand brushed with our special garlic sauce just before it hits our 675 degree ovens.  Select any five styles from the list below or tell us your favorites.  For only $7.25 per person we can bake fresh for you the following styles

(download full Uppercrust descriptions)


Barbecue bacon triple cheese burger pizza

Meaty-rageous all meat pizza

Pepperoni supreme pizza

BBQ-rageous chicken pizza

Wild mushroom pizza

Thai-rageous pizza

Veggie-rageous pizza

Arti-rageous Pizza

Super-rageous pizza

White-rageous pizza

Smoked Gouda ham and bacon pizza

Five cheese with fresh tomatoes pizza


Our Upper Crust also includes jalapenos, parmesan cheese,

crushed red peppers, paper plates and napkins.


All pricing valid as of January 1, 2018 and subject to change

*all you can eat plus add 15% gratuity & applicable sales taxes




Make Your Own Pizza Bar

Starting at $9.95 per person


All pricing valid as of March 2015 and subject to change

Add 15% gratuity & applicable sales taxes to food and beverage prices






Boozzaa - Alcohol Infused Pizza

$8.95 p/p*


For your more adventurous side, Boozzaa is our alcohol infused line of fresh pizzas.  Pizzarageous always serves up hot fresh pizza that is made and baked right at your event.  Boozzaa is an all you can drink eat concept, so your guest will not go away hungry!  Choose any four of the delicious Boozzaa pizzas for your event and we will also include our delicious pepperoni supreme and three cheese pizza.  That is six pizza options for your guests!


Boozzaa Selections:


Bakon Cheese Burger Pizza

Our seasoned ground beef, red onion, fresh tomato and Bakon Vodka on our house red sauce and topped with a blend of three cheeses.


Bakon Shrimp Pizza

Like the name says this one starts with great shrimp.  We top with Red Onion and Chives before adding Bakon Vodka to the delicious white sauce.  Top with our three cheeses and bake it up.


Stinky Breathe Pizza

We slow cook five different types of onion to top your pizza.  Add Absolut Peppar Vodka to our white sauce then top with our three cheese blend in some gruyere cheese and you have Stinky Breathe Pizza!


Manly Man Pizza

Our all meat pizza includes Bacon, Hand Pinched Italian sausage, Pepperoni, and Ham.  Our red sauce gets a manly dose of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and topped with our three cheese blend.


Thai Me Up Pizza

Loaded with our grilled Thai Chicken, Bean Sprouts, Crushed Peanuts, Sweet Onion and Cilantro.  Our spicy peanut sauce gets infused with Absolut Cilantro Vodka and topped with three cheeses.


VegGINragous Pizza

We throw all of the vegetables we can find on this one for a veggie lovers delight.  We add Tanqueray Gin to our red sauce before topping with our three cheese blend.


Let’s Get Barbequed Pizza

Topped with our grilled BBQ Chicken, Red Onion and Sweet Pepper.  Next we add  Evan Williams Kentuck Bourbon in to the BBQ sauce before loading on our three cheese blend.


Hawaiian Fusion Pizza

We start with the traditional Ham & Pineapple pizza then top with sweet onion.  Bacardi Pineapple Fusion Rum gets spilt in to the red sauce before the three cheese blend.


Say Cheese! Pizza

We serve this one up with Cheddar, Mozzarella, Provolone, Jack and Asiago Cheese and before adding fresh tomatoes to the top we then drizzle on Absolut Vodka.


So that we do not leave Tequila out of the mix our Jalapenos are soaked in Jose Cuervo Especial.


All pricing valid as of January 1, 2018 and subject to change

*all you can eat plus add 15% gratuity & applicable sales taxes







Ask us about upgrading to a delicious flat bread pizza!



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